Friday, July 10, 2009

Vivians 2nd Birthday Lake Tahoe July 4, 2009

Another long time no post period. Spent last weekend 4th of July with all my daughters and both my grandaughters. Had a big second birthday party for Miss Vivian, there are now 5 children in the annual 4th party at Tahoe. There were over twenty people at the party including both of Vivians Godmothers, carrie and crista. Stayed at Lorindas home in south shore, with Sherry and Jerry, Lorinda was the was perfect host. Sara and crew stayed at Ceder Glen as always in Tahoe Vista. Iggy and Allison were up with both kids, Maggie, Mark and Vivian had a great time playing together. More later

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Its been a long time since I've posted anything on this blog. Been very busy last few months. I have spent the last few months emptying out my shop, 18 years of crap collected. It took forever to empty it out. But I cut my overhead a lot. Spent Thanksgiving in Kingsberg, New Years in Vegas. Went back to Kingsberg in January for Manfredi xmas lots of fun, and got to go back to kingsberg a month later for Rich's sister Linda's surprise 50th birthday party. They are all wonderful people and have made me part of the family. Of course every time in Kingsberg I get to spend time with my grand daughter Miss Viv who is the apple of my eye.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Long time no post. Spent last weekend in L.A. Sara and Rich gave me a ticket to the USC/AZ ST
football game. Had great time. Sat morning went to watch Vivs music class was very interesting
Viv loves it they sing dance and play with drums, rattles and other toys, about 15 to 20 kids and their parents. Went to Echo park Sunday so Viv could play on swings and slides, also fed the ducks.
Gave S/R all my camping gear, stove,lantern,tents and stuff. Love to sit and talk to Sara and play with Viv.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Vivs 1st Birthday and 4th of July 2008

We all met in Lake Tahoe North Shore, Kings beach for Vivs 1st Birthday. The weekend of 28/29 June we had 1st bday with Riches family . His Mom 2 sisters and his niece. With Sara, Rich,Viv, Jenn and me. We had a great time. Viv s favorite toy was a lion which roars and has wheels so she can push it all over the place, Uncle Bob, Richs brother got it for her. She loved her cake had it from eyebrows to chin.
I so enjoy Riches family they treat me like one of the family.
On the following week end the 4th, the rest of the group was up. Mel&Grant and Ziggy from Seattle, Wash. Grants parents Jerome and Pamela from Texas, Fort worth I think, Jenn from Tuscon Az, Brian from Orange county Ca, Sara and Rich from L.A. Kerry from S.F. Crista and Jeff from Livermore, Ms Lizabeth and me from S.J. a great group of people. We watched the fireworks on the beach Thursday night at Kings Beach Viv loved them, Friday the 4th we went over to the condo M&G were staying at in Tahoe city. Both kids and adults enjoyed the fireworks. Had a BBQ and an evening of visiting.
Saturday had Vivs second Birthday party, she enjoyed it as much as the first. Sara had a Pinata which was great fun. We took hundreds of pictures, posted on flicker
It was a great week, Sara, Jenn and I stayed up one night until 4 in the morning
just talking, about family, sports, history, politics and any other subject that came up. We havn't done that in years, it was so much fun. The only thing wrong with the week was it was over to soon.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Its been a long time since I have added anything to this blog. Just been busy, have spent a lot of time with my granddaughter. She is the light of my life now. Spent a weekend in Kings burg with her and Rich and Sara, and Rich's family. We went to a neat car show downtown, saw some beautiful cars, including my ultimate dream car, a 56 Chevy Bel Air coupe, two tone cream and salmon.
Was down in L.A. for Easter with Sara Rich and Miss Viv as Mel calls her. Mel and Grant and Ziggy were there along with Bryan. Went to Farmers Market for brunch. Tried to go to Pinks again but couldn't get within a block of it. Have had a horrible cold and bronchial infection for about a week and a half. Just wiped me out, no energy, couldn't sleep, just miserable . Saturday felt much better. Went to office and felt like I accomplished more in a few hours than I had all week.
Later in afternoon was restless and bored, I hadn't done anything in weeks. So I took a drive up to the Chicken Ranch in Jamestown. Spent a few hours watching the people and playing nickel slots, after about an hour and a half I hit a 7 out of 7 on 4 card keno. Made my whole weekend.
Went over to Black oak in Sonora played a few hours and had Breakfast late. The restaurant
in Black oak serves some of the best food of any Indian casino in California. More later

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I had a wonderful weekend in Monterrey with Sara, Rich and the adorable Miss Viv the light of my life. We also had Sara and Rich's best friends Mel, Grant and their son Mark along. Great people, we did the Monterrey Aquarium Saturday and 17 mile drive Sunday. Monterrey Peninsula is one of the prettiest places on earth. Grant made a great statement when we were standing out on Cypress Point watching the surf, sand, clouds and rocks of that stretch of coast, "Its good for the soul"
And that says it all. We stayed at the Ramada Carmel Hill small clean nice hotel, very reasonable . Close to everything, food was excellent the whole weekend. Sara found a great breakfast bistro Saturday morning, Rich found Pizza Sat/night in Pacific Grove. Sunday lunch in Carmel had some of the best Manhattan Clam chowder I've ever ate. Sunday night Rich and Grant found seafood in Pacific Grove. We also found several good bakeries over the weekend. I have posted several pictures on my Flicker so check them out. Monday came way to soon, but I had wonderful weekend with Miss Viv. Especially enjoyed my talks with Sara, we sit and talk about anything and everything.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


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