Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Its been a long time since I have added anything to this blog. Just been busy, have spent a lot of time with my granddaughter. She is the light of my life now. Spent a weekend in Kings burg with her and Rich and Sara, and Rich's family. We went to a neat car show downtown, saw some beautiful cars, including my ultimate dream car, a 56 Chevy Bel Air coupe, two tone cream and salmon.
Was down in L.A. for Easter with Sara Rich and Miss Viv as Mel calls her. Mel and Grant and Ziggy were there along with Bryan. Went to Farmers Market for brunch. Tried to go to Pinks again but couldn't get within a block of it. Have had a horrible cold and bronchial infection for about a week and a half. Just wiped me out, no energy, couldn't sleep, just miserable . Saturday felt much better. Went to office and felt like I accomplished more in a few hours than I had all week.
Later in afternoon was restless and bored, I hadn't done anything in weeks. So I took a drive up to the Chicken Ranch in Jamestown. Spent a few hours watching the people and playing nickel slots, after about an hour and a half I hit a 7 out of 7 on 4 card keno. Made my whole weekend.
Went over to Black oak in Sonora played a few hours and had Breakfast late. The restaurant
in Black oak serves some of the best food of any Indian casino in California. More later

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Sara said...

So glad to see you updated. Thinking of you!