Friday, July 10, 2009

Vivians 2nd Birthday Lake Tahoe July 4, 2009

Another long time no post period. Spent last weekend 4th of July with all my daughters and both my grandaughters. Had a big second birthday party for Miss Vivian, there are now 5 children in the annual 4th party at Tahoe. There were over twenty people at the party including both of Vivians Godmothers, carrie and crista. Stayed at Lorindas home in south shore, with Sherry and Jerry, Lorinda was the was perfect host. Sara and crew stayed at Ceder Glen as always in Tahoe Vista. Iggy and Allison were up with both kids, Maggie, Mark and Vivian had a great time playing together. More later


Sara said...

I wish I were still in Tahoe. I'm not sure I like this work stuff.

Jared said...

Sorry to post this here; I couldn't find a contact e-mail for you!

My name is Jared and I'm with We'd like to give you $50 to link to our Lake Tahoe pages. Please give me a call back at (800) 450-7805x106 or e-mail me at to get a hold of me.

Thanks very much!